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Who is Dee Zibara?

In the dynamic world of health and wellness, Dee Zibara stands out as a beacon of empowerment for women seeking holistic hormonal transformation in their search for natural weight loss, fitness, fertility, and lifestyle solutions.

As a fully qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and hormonal health expert, Dee’s journey has been marked by a profound understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition, fitness, and hormonal balance.

Her commitment to making a meaningful impact led her to establish The FlowFit Challenge, a platform that transcends the conventional boundaries of fitness programs by offering a transformative experience focused on natural hormonal healing.


  • Women’s Hormone Specialist
  • Female Tech Founder
  • Specialist in pre-conception and unhealthy fat loss
  • Co-creator of (the very successful) The Yard Challenge, which has now franchised globally
  • Nutritional partner of the Sunee App (by Sarah’s Day)
  • Former Head Nutritionist for Anytime Fitness personal trainers
  • 2023 Special Judge for Clean + Conscious Awards


  • Speaker
  • Host of What A Mouthful podcast
  • Special guest on podcasts, including:
    • The Health Code (x 5)
    • Driven Young
    • Wildly Empowered Women (x 2)
    • King Beats Fitness
    • Welcome to the Womb (x 2)
    • United in Motherhood
    • Win-Win Parenting
    • Exponential Human
    • The Ice Project
  •  Featured in:
    • Daily Telegraph
    • Bounty Parents
    • Anytime Fitness
    • Naked Foods
    • Mamamia
    • Beauty Heaven


Dee’s passion for wellness was sparked early in life.

Born and raised with a keen awareness of the importance of a balanced lifestyle, Dee’s journey into the world of health and fitness began with her pursuit of education.

Armed with a background in nutrition, she delved into the intricate web of connections between diet, exercise, and hormonal health.

Dee’s multifaceted expertise sets her apart as a women’s hormone specialist, female tech founder, and an influential figure in the wellness industry.

Her specialisation in pre-conception and unhealthy fat loss showcases a commitment to addressing the unique health challenges faced by women.

Her impact has been felt globally through the creation of The Yard Challenge, a highly successful fitness program that has expanded into a global franchise.

Notably, Dee has played a pivotal role in the development of the Sunee App, working alongside fitness influencer Sarah’s Day.

Her expertise has also been tapped into as the Head Nutritionist for Anytime Fitness personal trainers, further solidifying her influence in the fitness community.

Core Health Beliefs

  1. Being healthy shouldn’t feel hard, but it can be very confusing – depending on who you get your advice from.
  2. Consistent small changes amount to enormous positive changes.
  3. Health begins in your cells and extends to your soul, becoming your ‘energy.’
  4. Healthy people tend to actively create their lives instead of merely participate in them – this is why mindset is my 3rd pillar of health (the other 2 being food and movement).
  5. Choosing nourishing foods, moving your body and minding your thoughts, is your life insurance.

Speaking & Podcasting

Dee’s influence extends beyond traditional fitness platforms.

As a sought-after speaker, she has shared her insights through various channels, including her own podcast, What A Mouthful, where she dives into topics related to health, wellness, and empowerment.

What a Mouthful Episodes

  1. How to achieve a 🌈 HEALTHY MIND and BODY 🌈 with Dee ✨
  3. Sarah’s Day 👑: PRODUCTIVITY without BURNOUT & how to become A MONEY MAGNET 💫
  4. VEGAN, CARNIVORE, KETO? What is the best diet? 🍚 🥩 🥑
  6. GEORGIE STEVENSON: Running a global business, breast implant illness and her fertility rollercoaster 🤰
  7. What HIDDEN MOULD is doing to you 😱 and your cycle 🩸
  8. BOOBS & BOTOX – should we get them? Are they healthy?
  9. When to program REST DAYS in your cycle 🩸
  10. How to get crystal clear on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT in life 💟 with TANYA CROSS
  11. How to get ✨ GOOD, HEALTHY, GLOWY ✨ skin | Five foods to clear acne
  12. Periods 101🩸: What should it LOOK and FEEL like? | Endo Pain, Pill Bleeds & Late Periods
  13. ROCHELLE FOX 🧘🏼: How to manifest your WILDEST DREAMS 🌈
  14. STEPH LOWE: How GUT HEALTH affects fertility🤰🏼and hormone balance ⚖️
  15. Body Acceptance: The #1 mistake you’re making 🤯 with Jess Barber
  16. The 3 Worst Additives To Avoid | Food Marketing Lies
  17. The Pros and Cons of Birth Control: Can The Pill Create Acne?
  18. My Top Health Hacks for TRAVELLING
  19. 3 Best Foods for Sleep & What’s Your Sleep Chronotype with Olivia Arrezolo
  20. Are you full of sh*t ?💩 Constipation & Colonics with Nicola Johnson
  21. 😣 GAINING WEIGHT: What is Wrong with me?! The 5 Hormones To Balance Weight Loss 🌈

Dee’s also made numerous appearances as a special guest on several podcasts, including:

Additionally, her nutrition seminars for organisations such as Channel 9, F45, The Yard, Code 5, The Bunkr, and Pure PT have been instrumental in disseminating knowledge and fostering a holistic approach to well-being and reflect her dedication to reaching diverse audiences with her empowering message.

Dee’s journey as a female founder, women’s hormone specialist, and influential figure in the wellness industry is a testament to her passion for empowering women to achieve their best selves.

Through The FlowFit Challenge and her extensive involvement in various projects, she has created a platform that goes beyond conventional fitness programs, offering women a transformative experience centred on natural hormonal healing.

Dee’s impact continues to ripple through the industry, inspiring women to prioritise their health, embrace their bodies, and live their most empowered lives.

Professional Information

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine (Nutritionist qualification within Australia)

Cert IV in Personal Training (Internationally certified)

Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association – 16276

What is the FlowFit Challenge?

About the

The FlowFit Challenge is more than just a program; it’s a comprehensive wellness experience.

Connection to your self. Connection to your body. Connection to a community.

Read along to find out exactly what’s included in the Challenge.

There are so many reasons why women sign up to the FlowFit Challenge.

From treating hormonal imbalances to weight loss plans, issues with menstrual cycles, access to an expert personal trainer, or diet and nutrition tips. 

These are the most common reasons.

As part of the FlowFit Challenge, you get access to more than just a generic nutrition / meal plan from that you could probably just download from Google.

You get access to the education, tools and community to heal your hormones – for good.

Check out what’s included.

As a fully qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and hormonal health expert, the cornerstone of Dee’s success if marked by a profound understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition, fitness, wellness and hormones.

See how and why Dee made the Challenge.