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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FlowFit work?

Flow Fit is a 6 week challenge unlike any other health & wellness challenge.

Think of it like a hormonal bootcamp.

After 6 weeks you will feel healthy, energetic and balanced.

You will have eaten and trained to support the beautifully complicated and unique hormonal changes we experience every week as women.

It will help to heal hormonal imbalance as well as improve metabolism and body composition.

What are the RESULTS I can expect?

Better energy, moods and metabolism and a return of regular periods when they’ve been missing.

Having done this 1 on 1 with so many clients over the years I have also seen less bloating, pain and PMS + transformations in skin, weight loss, appropriate hair gain (on heads!) and loss (on face!) … AS WELL AS all the above!!

Can you be on contraception while doing FlowFit or is the point not to be?

You can absolutely be on hormonal contraception whether it’s the Pill, the IUD etc.

For those only on the pill to “fix their period”, the point is to heal your body without having hormonal imbalance symptoms affect your daily life.

Sometimes, that means having to stay on hormonal contraception, heal as much you can and eventually get to a point where, should you wish to, you could come off contraception and have your cycle symptoms under control.

FlowFit can absolutely help with that transition. Others (this was me!), seek FlowFit to help them manage “post-Pill” symptoms – the hormonal imbalance side effects from hormonal contraception.

Can I do FlowFit while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding – you sure can! To be safe I’d recommend medical clearance.

The changes I’d recommend are to ignore the calorie recommendations and eat to your satiety!

Do what you can in terms of movement – and prioritise the movement that is right for you based on your bio markers and medical advice.

Balancing your hormones are going to help you feel like you have routine and rhythm in your life again – trust me – it’s a gamechanger with a little one!

Pregnancy – I believe there amazing programs for pregnancy and while FlowFit is amazing, it’s not fully optimised for pregnant women.

When is medical approval required for participation in the FlowFit Challenge?

Medical approval is highly recommended if any of the below applies to you.

You are:

  • on prescription medication (e.g. an anti-hypertensive, immunosuppressant, asthma medication)
  • at risk of injury or aggravating an existing injury
  • at risk of failing to execute all exercises in a safe manner
  • at risk of stroke/heart disease/heart attack
  • suffering a heart condition
  • a heavy smoker or drinker
  • pregnant or up to 6 weeks post-partum
  • breastfeeding
  • someone who experiences unexplained pains in your chest at rest or during physical exercise
  • someone who suffers from any medical conditions that may be made worse by participating in physical activity
  • at risk of developing an eating disorder or had a history of eating disorders or disordered eating
  • someone who recently had surgery
  • suffering a disease/condition/syndrome NOT mentioned above that might likely lead to adverse events

If none of the above apply to you and you are confident that you have no other concerns with your health that would prevent participation in the Challenge, then you may proceed to participate in physical activity.

If any of the above questions apply to you or if you are unsure, please seek a referral from your GP or allied health professional before commencing the FlowFit Challenge.

I’m going through peri-menopause or menopause – is there any harm in joining this challenge?

Absolutely not!!

The added benefit of the way we fuel in FlowFit is reduced bloating, improved gut health, digestive health and stress resilience, so why not take advantage of those benefits?

The way we train (mostly resistance training) is also extremely beneficial for improving bone density – a very important aspect for older women who have lost the power of oestrogen to build strong bones.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally, you’ll also have access to a Heart Rate Monitor and a recent Blood Pressure reading.

Depending upon what training program you are put into, you’ll need a normal gym membership BUT there is a home version too so 2 sets of dumbbells and a resistance band will be all you need for every workout.

The 1st set should be the heaviest weight you can shoulder press for 8 reps. e.g. roughly 8-12kgs.

The 2nd set should be the heaviest weight you can bicep curl for 8 reps. e.g. roughly 4-7kgs.


In regards to the weights, do I need dumbbells or will kettle bells work?

Any kind of handheld weight will work – e.g. dumbbells, kettlebells, Y bells.

I have a gym membership but I don’t feel confident in the gym at all! Can I cancel it?

Don’t cancel – I’ll show you how to work your gym floor and feel confident!

Will meals be broken into calories so we can keep track or do you recommend using an app like my fitness pal?

Meals aren’t broken down into calories.

Each nutrition plan however, gives daily totals of macronutrients for educational purposes and the nutrition plans are also grouped by calorie range.

I did this to take the focus and pressure off the numbers, and rather highlight the importance of balancing macronutrients, especially for hormonal balance.

However, if you do wish to track because your meals are not that similar or say you’re eating out and you would prefer to know, I suggest using Cronometer.



Still have questions?