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Sarah’s Day on 3 Productivity Hacks

If it’s not possible to slow down, maybe there’s some productivity mistakes you’re making.

Being productive doesn’t have to mean burning yourself out.

And if you are someone who is a boss mum, trying to be more productive with your life or someone who needs more motivation, here are some helpful hacks that will give you more output in the same amount of time.

3 Productivity Hacks for Mums by Sarah’s Day

Here are three from the productivity queen herself, Sarah’s Day, from our episode on my podcast, What A Mouthful.

1. Batch your Content

Batching is basically when you do the same kind of thing at one time.

It’s like when you are on your computer replying to one email – you might as well reply to all your emails.

If you’re paying an invoice – pay them all at once.

The same definitely goes for content creation.

Don’t put in all the effort of prepping for one reel – make seven in one go and you’ll have seven weeks of content done!

Dee’s Tip: This productivity hack is such a great one when you are feeling all the energy vibes, especially during the first half of your cycle when your oestrogen is rising. Use this time to do things you love that require a little more physical energy.

2. Prioritise your To-Do List

Set a realistic list and prioritise.

Next time you write your list (to-do list), really look at how many things are on that list.

Break it down to the three most important tasks that you can possibly achieve.

If you feel like you can do more and still have time to do more, then you can add three more on your to-dos.

So, it’s prioritising.

3. Schedule your Boss Girl Days

Last, but not least, schedule your boss girl days and rest days.

Even if you are not a mum like we are, you need to have rest days.

And it’s not just rest days from the gym but rest days for your mind too.

Being creative and productive, and having that masculine energy of being your own boss, is really exhausting.

You need to have days to be soft.

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And one last bonus hack

Be healthy.

The healthier you can be, the more you can be resilient from all the hustle and all the grinding because every single day you are building that insurance mentally and physically.

Fitting wellness practices like fitness/movement/anything you enjoy into your lifestyle is conducive to your hormones, your mood, your energy levels, and sleep – which are so key for that mind you rely on to be productive.

I hope this helps!

Listen to the full episode Sarah and I did on What A Mouthful HERE.