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healthy and fast fat or weight loss

The Secret To Fast & Healthy Fat Loss For Women (There Actually IS One)

You wouldn’t be surprised how often women ask me what the secret to fast AND healthy fat loss is.

In fact, when I asked listeners of my What A Mouthful podcast what they wanted to learn about most, they responded emphatically that they wanted to know most about the five hormones you need to balance to lose weight.

You can listen to the entire podcast for the Dee Dive, or scroll down to get the answer).

Now, for lots of questions about secrets to this and that, there often isn’t one single secret.

But for this, there actually IS a huge one.

And it’s glaringly obvious, but also so easily, and so often, missed.

Maybe because it’s so simple?

Maybe because the weight loss industry is making too much money from repeat sales of their chemical products that work a little at first and leave people thinking they need more?

Mmmm – you can guess my attitude towards the medical industry’s approach to lose weight, can’t you?! 🤣

I’m about to tell you. But before I do, I need you to promise me you’ll NEVER FORGET IT.

It will save you countless hours, time, energy, effort and HOPE in the future.

Not to mention all the money it will save you from the “cost” of investing in the wrong thing.

And it’s important to tell you, so you know that EVERY SINGLE DAY we use this secret to weight loss, which is a big reason WHY women are getting such incredible results in such a short amount of time 👇🏼 

flowfit challenge results and reviews

(And in fact this picture was only after FOUR weeks of the FlowFit Challenge.)

Ok, drum roll please…

The secret is to fast AND healthy fat loss is….

…feeling safe in our body.

We forget how we FEEL is largely dictated by the state our nervous system is in (fight or flight/rest and digest).

BUT did you know your nervous system is a HUGE determinant of the fuel source we burn – be it muscle (not good) or fat stores (which is want we want!).

Therefore how we FEEL is a huge determinant of our health.

So how can we:

  • feel safe enough in our bodies to be incredible fat burners?
  • Feel lighter with LESS effort?
  • Feel healthier and happier overall?

There is an exhaustive list, but mainly it includes:

How we fuel our bodies: And for women with a cycle, that changes depending on where you’re at in your cycle.

How we move our bodies: Again, this depends on timing.

What we focus on: The thoughts we let take hold will switch our nervous system to danger (fight or flight) OR safety (rest and digest).

This might all sound like a lot. And it is.

Luckily for you, I’ve done all the hard work. And countless women have already benefitted from it.

The FlowFit Challenge is a 6-week program that uses exactly these 3 pillars (Fuel, Move & Focus).

So, if you’re ready to feel amazing in your female body, it’s time to take The FlowFit Challenge!!

As for your next steps, you can:

Dee xx