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How to build Hormone-Healthy meals in 3 easy steps!

How to build Hormone-Healthy meals in 3 easy steps!

Every meal you eat brings with it the opportunity to is move you closer to your goals.

You can eat your way to hormonal health by focusing on nourishing that beautiful body of yours.

And I’m going to show you just how easy it is.

Here are some examples taken from the Healthy Hormones Shopping List.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s FREE and you can get your printable copy by clicking here.

Step 1: Pick a Protein
Step 2: Pick a fat
Step 3: Pick a quality carb (veggies where possible)

That’s it!!!

Of course, there doesn’t need to be only three ingredients per meal, but there certainly can be.

I know when I’m time poor, my meals can be as basic as that.

Herbs and spices can add all the flavour you’re after (and sometimes just a sprinkle of salt and pepper can do the trick).

Examples of Hormone-Healthy Meals

And remember, it’s important to match your meals to the half of your cycle you’re currently in.

Breakfast: Berry Smoothie

Protein powder + coconut milk/ground flax + leafy greens/berries


Lunch: Chicken Zoodles

Chicken + olives + zucchini (as zoodles)/tomato


Dinner: Tempeh Wraps

Tempeh + avocado + cabbage leaves (for the wraps)/cucumber/capsicum


Breakfast: Pear & Walnut Porridge

Hemp seeds + walnuts + buckwheat (as porridge base)/pear


Lunch: Lamb & Lentil Stew

Lamb/lentils + olive oil + onion/garlic/tomato/collard greens or silverbeet


Dinner: Salmon Bake

Salmon + olive oil + sweet potato/beets/onion

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So there’s just some easy examples of recipes.

They can be as simple or complex as you make them, depending on how much time you have to prep (and how much you enjoy spending time in the kitchen!).

Did these inspire you? What did you think?

Did you also know that every FlowFit recipe within every FlowFit nutrition plan works using this same basic principle too?

See? Told you it was as easy as 1, 2, 3!